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You Have a Voice October 12, 2009

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Do you have no voice? I mean literally no voice, no words coming out of your mouth. Now that can be a bummer … if you let it.
I have been without my voice for over 3 years. A huge amount of radiation destroyed a tumor in my tongue, with the results being it affected my vocal cords. so now … no voice.
Initially I felt isolated. Feeling really handicapped because I couldn’t talk and felt “it is now over for me”. In my mind I sound great, it just doesn’t come out that way. I make this weird noise that is garbled at best. I recorded myself once on my “Flip”camera. That sent me into a funk when I heard how I sounded!

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So the more I thought about not having a voice, the more clear it became that it was defining who I was, my moods, and my health. I didn’t like that… so a new perspective with my attitude had to take place. I could stay locked up at home, stay away from people because of what they might think, and crawl into a hole. Not the answer!
Number one, what’s the big deal? I see people all day long I would never trade places with. So one thing I did was join the YMCA and started working out. I am better
shape now than I have been in years. who rah! And at the Y I have made many friends and communicate with them. Granted, half the time it’s with charades, but it
is interesting how quick people pick up on what you are saying. I never get the impression that they feel sorry,impatient, or try to avoid me. Here is my point,
you can have challenges like no voice and let it dominate your life. What I have learned is that you do have control with how you see the situation and that you can
do something about it. I have a lot of funny stories that have happened to me since losing my voice. Also, I have learned how to effectively communicate with others. I will share those ideas with you in future blogs. If you have had experiences with no voice or know someone that has, make a comment and share your story. Let me know, we are all in this together!
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1. Will - October 13, 2009

Hey Ted, I’m playing around trying to understand something with wordpress, so if I comment several times, just ignore me. Supposedly, I can trackback which means that when someone on my site follows a link to your site, you know that it was me that sent them (i.e. you know when I am blogging about something that you blogged about without me telling you).

I’m not quite sure how it works thought. ☺

2. Will - October 13, 2009

I have just realized that your blog doesn’t list Trackbacks. Nevermind. ☺ Good post though, welcome to the blogosphere.

3. Jim - October 14, 2009

great video and message with hope

4. Eveie - October 16, 2009

Hi Ted- You have so many good ideas. It will be very interesting to learn about the people who follow you here. I know the insights you have gained over these past 3 years will help them.

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