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No Matter How Hard You Try January 3, 2012

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It is a fact now I am having to accept. No matter how hard I try, it seems impossible to get people to not be judgmental of a person without a voice. They are not so blatant about treating you differently, but you sense the exclusion when trying to participate in communicating. It is amazing how fast most people are pushed out of their comfort zone and into confusion or prejudices.

So what can be done to get yourself into the main stream of communication and not feel excluded? The conclusion I have come to is you have to be forceful. You need to make people recognize you are there, have something to say, and realize you are going to be heard.

It is too easy to just listen, draw judgements, come to conclusions and not have your thoughts on the table to be considered. People need to realize because you are not able to talk, you are not brain dead or mentally handicapped. How many times do people turn up their volume when talking to you, even when they know you can hear? Often.

The answer is impose yourself into the comfort zone of anyone you want to talk to. Make them listen to what you are saying. I do find people do want to see what is being written when engaged in a conversation. So give it a try. The first step is you have to be interested and interesting when addressing another person or a group. You need to feel what you say is important; better work on those writing skills or your typing.

I always fall back on the idea is if there are going to be any changes, it is going to be up to me to make those changes. No matter how hard a person tries, they can not imagine your situation of not having a voice. To them, it is unimaginable. See if anyone you know can go for 1 hour without talking, but continue to communicate with others. It is very difficult to do.

What I pray for more than anything else is PATIENCE. Because it is going to have to come from you to lead the way for others; otherwise you are going to wilt away, hide away, lose confidence, or drop out of an active, full life. Don’t let that happen!

New Office Bldg.

I just like this picture.




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