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Tools That Make You Roar! November 6, 2009

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The Universal Talking Tool November 2, 2009

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The Universal Talking Tool
By Ted Holcomb

You have lost your voice. Life isn’t fair, but goes on with or without you. You need to have the most important item in your tool bag, or purse. Being able to express your opinions, ask questions, and keep a conversation going on and on and on is a great benefit. You will find yourself engage in focused conversations, oblivious of other people and consumed in delightful, interesting conversation. You know the best part? It will probably be new to whom you are talking to as well.

You can have this marvelous piece of equipment for yourself or give it as a gift to someone you know. It cost less than $10. The good news it is not ordered from a catalog, no shipping charges, and no return policies to worry about. There is, however, one limitation on the amazing tool. It is you … that is right ,,,if this tool doesn’t work, it is because of you. You will find that the more you use this device, the better your conversation and your confidence will jump up. Being able to succinctly express your thoughts forces others to pay attention to what is being said. You will be able to drive the conversation, and never say a word!

You might be looking for a Christmas gift. This is one of those gifts that someone with no voice, such as me, would love to receive. Talk about a gift that will be remembered, this is it…you have no idea how grateful a person that needs this tool will be.

So now I am going to tell you what this miraculous tool is. First, you need to be warned that the simplicity of this tool might cause you to undervalue or miss the importance it has in meaningful conversations. In fact, this could turn into a … Ah Haa moment for you!

The tool is …. A pencil and a pad. Two inexpensive items that will move you into so many conversations, get attention, and open up new opportunities for you. Go out today and get a pencil and tablet and start using them. They are available at many places. I buy mine at Staples and the Forest Elementary School Store in Troy, Ohio.

Now for the fun part of not having a voice. Email your experiences using your pencil and tablet. I promise you, there will be such good stories to tell! Your stories will be published on the http://www.ListenToMeToday.com blog and shared with others. Today I attended a dinner party at a 5 star resort. I had one of the most amusing and informative conversation with one of the guest at my table. We laughed and she would read my comment or question from my simple little pad, and we talked on. There were people all around, none paying attention to us, and a very rewarding experience. Once again, it proved that it is up to me to make the effort to have an enjoyable afternoon. We even laughed at my spelling…
Go to http://www.ListenToMeToday.wordpress.com and comment or email your story to contact@listentometoday.com

Forward this article your friends or someone that will benefit from this tip. If you want to be prepared, better get one for yourself too. All you need is a pencil and pad. No Voice, No Problem…

Not having a voice can be a benefit, it is all in how you look at it, and what you do about it.