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Listen To Me Today Pre Launch Blog October 14, 2009

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Very soon there will be a new website up that has to do with people with no voice. Literally. Due to damage to their vocal cords being damaged for whatever reason, they are not able to form words or verbalize their thoughts.

Most people see this as a huge handicap. Nothing could be further from the truth. You can still have plenty to say and you can say it. I know, my voice took flight over 3 years ago. It has taken me a long time though to deal with this inconvenience.

What I am now realizing is that you can still communicate very effectively using tools and an attitude. Not a belligerent attitude, but a confident, forceful attitude. Plus, you need plenty of patience.

A funny thing does happen though. When someone can not understand you, frequently they apologize as if it is their fault they can not understand you. I find most people are considerate and work with you on communicating.

So the bottom line of not being able to utter words, is that you choose your words carefully; you listen more carefully; and you are more direct because you do not have words to waste.